State Oversight of Nuclear Weapons Cleanup

The creation and buildup of the Cold War nuclear arsenal left an environmental cleanup legacy of enormous cost and scope, resulting in what is considered to be the largest environmental cleanup program in the world. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), through their Office of Environmental Management, is responsible for completing cleanup at the network of sites used for nuclear weapons production, also known as the nuclear weapons complex. States play an important role in this effort and have unique oversight and regulatory responsibilities. Since 1993, the National Governors Association has convened the Federal Facilities Task Force (FFTF) to enhance communication between the states and the DOE on issues related to the ongoing cleanup mission.


The FFTF is comprised of up to two governor-appointed policy and technical representatives from each state that hosts or is affected by DOE weapons complex sites. FFTF members work directly with DOE officials, and other interested groups— including local communities, state environmental commissioners, state attorneys general, and tribal governments— to coordinate regulatory and oversight responsibilities.

This site shares cleanup-related news with FFTF members and other state officials and serves as a resource on the issues of interest to FFTF states, including federal cleanup budgets, the management of radioactive and hazardous waste, and DOE compliance with state-DOE cleanup agreements.


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